Ammo Doors was used to be a family business in about 20 years ago. Since then business has been operating in the right direction and now it is expanding to many areas and cities in Queensland.

From a garage door reseller for many big companies in Australia such as Amarr, Phoenix, Merlin, Gliderol… Ammo Doors has turned into one of the biggest garage door company in Australia. They can manufacture and customize any panel doors and roller doors.

At Present Ammo Doors have also become exclusive distributor of Amarr Garage Doors who is the biggest garage door company in United States. Amarr covers a wide range of products from residential to industrial garage doors. Their designed doors are also winning many awards from the garage door Association such as IDA, DASMA Door. At the same time Phoenix Garage Doors is also represented by Ammo Doors to distribute their greatest performance openers to all Australian customers. To find out what we can provide and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 654 244 or use our contact form


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